◆ Delver / Intrrpt 

«Delver» was a one man passion project made from the ground by Chad Cuddigan. I followed the development of the game closely until I notice there was no art or logo attached to the project. We worked together in the design of the aesthetics that now are part of the official release. It’s a succeful game made with love, and I’m very proud of being a small part of it.

“I’m a skeptical guy by nature, so when Sam asked to help us up the game of our promotional and title artwork I had some reservations. Ultimately I was blown away with the quality of his work and the level of communication displayed. He really cared about the vibe we were going for with Delver and those ideas we bounced back and forth became amazing final assets much quicker than I would have thought possible. He really went above and beyond what was expected, and is still one of the best people I’ve had a chance to collaborate and work with.”

❉ Chad Cuddigan (Intrrpt owner) @Cuddigan